The Protectors of Sandpoint


An island assault...


After long hours of traveling through Nettlewood, Carv eventually found a secret path directly into a goblin den. Unfortunately our loud entrance alerted several goblins that were found in the low tunnels. Battle ensued… and after all was said and done we sorted out 14 dead goblins and happened to come upon a druid goblin named Gogmurt and his cougar. Bulrog with an exceptional dagger throw killed the cougar in one shot. Unfortunately though we came close to killing the druid he escaped into the thick briars so that we couldn’t follow.


As we made our way out of the briar tunnels we found ourselves upon a cliff. Eighty feet below us the sea waves crashed and across a rope bridge sat a makeshift wooden fort. The island that the fort sat upon was curiously round and almost looks as though it was a giant head…

Traveling across a questionable rope bridge we finally made it to the Thistletop fort, but Carve almost fell in a pit trap, after Walker flew across the bridge.

Another brief battle with several goblins and some dreaded goblin dogs we climbed up a tower and invaded the fort from a back entrance.

Sneaking into what appeared to be a throne room a massive battle with War Chief Ripnugget the goblin riding his giant gecko and a multitude of his goblin henchmen ensued. Many goblins in addition to the chief, and the finally druid perished at the might of our sword and spell. (14 total)


Investigation of a court yard revealed a horse that had been captured by the goblins. Unfortunately the horse was mad and nearly trampled Carv to death. Fortunately Bulrog and Walker brought the horse down but managed to keep it alive.

We found a stairwell that leads to a dungeon below the fort… A dungeon in the giant head?

Found a large meeting room with several chairs around a table and a slate board with a map of Sandpoint. It is obvious that this is where the plan was developed for the invasion of Sandpoint.
“Once the whispering beast is tamed, a second raid on the town, one that includes the Fogscar Mountain goblin tribes. Sinspawn will be released from below the town.”

As we continued to investigate the invasion scenario Tsuto and a woman magic user surprised us.

She was a mage named Lyrie. She was also a scholar of Thassilon. They won’t be bumpin uglies again in this life and found Lyrie’s Treasure. Though she was with Tsuto this is not his girlfriend. That is a woman named Nualia.

Located in this room was several scrolls/parchments/papers written on Thassilonian lore etc. There were also excavation materials (picks, shovels etc).

Based on Fin’s exploration of the room he concluded this was NOT a Thassilonian dungeon. This area was excavated much later than the Thassilonian empire.

Walking through the next room we saw many drawings of Goblins doing much violence to Humans, Horses and Dogs. Also a picture of a 30-Foot Goblin with a Dog-Slicer in each talon and snake eyes. Down another hallway was a picture of a various pregnant women giving birth to monsters. Tasty.

Down the opposite corridor, through a door we found a Natural-looking cavern holding an aberration known as a Tentamort. Another Trophy for Walker McDragon. Just another day on the job, really. Nothing to see here.


Around another corner we have encounter with a Bugbear Bruthazmus / Four Goblin Chick orgy. Also known as “Five Roads to Bangkok.” Repugnant. If smells could talk. I wish I was making this up. All deeead.

Deformed Goblin Children Cage.
Banquet Hall.
Jail. Whoever could be inside? Some of the dead goblin bodies and goblin dog’s we killed outside and threw down the pit trap…

In the guest room around the corner we found Orek VanCaskerkin in quiet repose in full armor. We beat him down. He gave up his shit. Body guard for Nualia. His chick is actually in a lower level. How deep does this F’d Up Rabbit Hole go?



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