The Protectors of Sandpoint

The Initial Invasion of Sandpoint

An elf, a dwarf, a halfling, and a half-breed walk into The Hagfish Bar....

Arrived in Sandpoint a few days ago. [[:Findecano Noltari]]Planned on exploring the towns lighthouse and meet up with a man named Brodert Quink. To discuss Thassilonian history and writings. A friend of mine Ketil a cataloger in the Founders Archive gave me Brodert name. Knew my mentor – Galaban.

As I arrived in town I was met by a half elf named Carvestor. He is the bastard son of a local noble family, The Scarnettis. We both accepted a job offer from Brodert to locate his lost spyglass. It seems he had dropped it down on the beach below Sandpoint. Upon further searching we located it in a cave that happened to be occupied by a few goblins. It seems there are some goblins that raid the beach of the junk the residents of Sandpoint throw over their cliff.

Staying at the The Rusty Dragon Inn. Have made friends with a Tian woman named Ameiko Kaijitsu.


Swallowtail Festival day was a day of fun and laughter as games were played, Bolrog and Carvestor hit a bulls eye on the Sandpoint Devilarrow shoot and where asked to join the town militia. Foul water from the Hagfish Tavern tank was drunk, a dragon race, goblin toss, hit the Old Lightwith small catapults speeches were given, and the citizens of Sandpoint seemed to be in good spirits and looking forward to the unveiling of the new temple. Carvestor and I met up with Walker McDragon a Dwarven cleric of Desna from the Five Kings Mountains, and a loudmouthed Halfling named Bulgar a local resident yet surprisingly unknown by the townsfolk.

As the evening bell tolled for the unveiling of the temple, a sudden attack of goblins with a cruel song upon their lips burst into the city from hidden wagons and an unmanned, open gate.

Goblin fire2

The four unlikely heroes fought off several goblins and saved the town from potential disaster.

Saved a rich guy from Magnimar called Aldern Foxglove.

Goblin commando

We met:
Sheriff Hemlock – Shaonti
Father Zanthus

Later that night we were called to investigate the graveyard. Apparently the former priest’s body was stolen during the goblin attack. This was the same priest that was killed in the fire 5 years ago. (The whole reason for this festival of the new Temple)

Foxglove takes us on a boar hunt after buying us horses. We have a successful hunt as Walker single-handedly kills a boar by beheading it with the “crazy Mattia-Inspired name”. Foxglove is enthralled with the Dwarves skill and tells the story of the hunt many times over, each time more embellished at the celebration that night as the boar roasts on the spit.

That night:
Fun at the Rusty Dragon
Lonjiku Kaijitsu (Ameiko’s Father) came in and launched a verbal and slightly physical assault on his daughter in front of the entire bar ending with “you’re as dead to me as your mother” The Kaijitsu’s are another local noble family. Apparently Ameiko left and adventured for a while, earning enough money to start a bar. That didn’t sit well with her father. Lonjiku then verbally assaulted us, saying that we caused more harm than good with our renegade behavior. I guess saving citizens from goblins isn’t a good thing?

We met:
A whole lot of people that I need to get that info from Andy.
Hot Elf Chick that owns the clothing store. Foxglove offered to buy us all a new outfit. Very kind of him.

Later that night:

Carvestor got himself into a little trouble with a local girl that wanted a little action…

Shayliss vinder

Ven Vinder the shop owner AND FATHER of the Shayless Vender walked down to the basement where said action was to take place. With one punch he knocked poor Carv out and left him in the alley till the next morning reliving him of his gold. Fortunately the sheriff would take care of the problem and get his money back after the misunderstanding. Ha ha.

The next day:

Sheriff Hemlock introduces us to an Elf named Shalelu Andosana

Shalelu – elf girl that helps Sandpoint.
She has been a thorn in the side of the 5 goblin tribes in the Sandpoint Hinterlands. The goblins seem to be more aggressive lately.

All 5 goblin tribes worked together for the Sandpoint invasion. This is odd.

Shalelu is going out in the hinterlands to investigate.


Sherrif Hemlock is going to Magnimarr to get soldiers.

Has asked us to guard the town.


Birdcrunchers – Western edge of Devil’s Platter
Licktoad Goblins – Brinestump Marsh – excellent swimmers
Seven Tooth – East of Shank’s Wood
Mosswood Goblins – Further east – largest tribes
Thistletop Goblins – Small island in Nettlewood

Currently 6 goblins that are “hero” level:
Any of these goblins could feasibly unite the tribes.

Big Gugmut – Mosswood – Hobgoblin mother, Boar father?
Korvus – Seven tooth tribe – has a magic sword that’s too tall for him.
Vorka – Lives in Brinestump Marsh
Rendwattle Gutwad – Obese never leaves throne, Brinestump Marsh
Ripnugget – Leader of the Thistletop Goblins – has best lair
Bruthazmus – Infamous bugbear ranger. Has fought Shalelu many times. They have a private war going on.

Note from Tsuto (Ameiko’s brother) given to us by halfling that works at the Rusty Dragon.
See Tsuto Journals

We check out the Glassworks only to discover….



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