The Protectors of Sandpoint

Sandpoint Sanatorium

The Saintly Haven of Respite...

Carvestor decides to stay around Sandpoint for the night with winter and patrol the area, while Walker and Fin head to the Sanatarium to visit the only known survivor of all these brutal attacks… On there way out of Sandpoint around dusk, they run across Bulrog and he decides to join them on the 4 mile walk south west to the mysterious place.

It is well into the night as the group approaches the Sanatarium. Hidden away in a secluded valley, the rather large house of three floors and stone -flagged roof is built close to the limestone escarpment known as Ashen Rise.

Habe sanatorium small

Heading up the porch, Bulrog peers into a small window, only to have a twisted face stare right back. After knocking more than once, they are wisked inside to the waiting room, where they meet the proprietor . . . Erin Habe .

Erin Habe – the Dr. is in…

After a bit of back n forth, Bulrog and Fin convince Erin to let them see the new patient. Erin brings along his orderlies, a pair of large hunchbacks who carry bully clubs…“just in case”

He leads them slowly up 3 flights of staircases, carefully locking all the doors behind them, as screams of other patients come from various rooms. Once in the examination Room, Erin tells the group to wait…. and they wait until a mad man is brought into the room…

Grayst sevilla
Grayst Sevilla

They find out his name is Grayst and then he starts screaming,

“He said. Hesaid you would visit me. His Lordship. The one that unmade me said so. He has a place for you. A precious place. I’m so jealous. He has a message for you. He made me remember it. I hope I haven’t forgotten. The master wouldn’t approve if I forgot. Let me see… let …
The master said that the bodies you are finding are signs and portents, that when he is done, you shall be remembered forever and the Misgivings shall be your throne!"

With this he runs at walker and tries to bite him, a scuffle eoccurs, with Walker knocking him out with the flat of his axe. This prompts Erin to rush back him and begs them not to tell anyone what has happened. Bulrog says, “sure, sure we wont….” With that Erin says,“OK…” and promptly walks out with his thugs…

Time passes… Walker makes a brilliant discovery about Goul Fever … It can actually turn you into the undead… Seems Grayst has acquired it somehow. After calling upon Desna’s power, Grayst is cured! a quick wand heal and he is back up. Fin realizes that the Misgiving’s is another local name for a rundown and abandoned estate further south – a place called Foxglove Manor – yes the same Foxglove family that you rescued earlier during the assault on Sandpoint.

More time passes, it seems there is no hurry to get out of this creepy place. They hear something outside the room…. They arm up Grayst with an extra Battle axe Walker has on him for just such occasions. Bulrog slowly opens the door and then sees a patient outside in the hall…. its wandering around, but is fascinated with the halfing’s short sword. until it isn’t and turns into a were rat…


After taking around another 15 min. to head down to the first floor (takes awhile to pick those locks….) they finally get to the last door… but its been boarded up. Graysts says,“stand aside, I’ll chop it down…” another minute and the door is busted down and the group is confronted with 4 zombies and new Necromancer, and Erin and his tough guys….Its like they where waiting for them to come…

Caizarlu Zerren

ZombiesZombie for paizo by michael jaecks

A fight ensues… Grayst swings and chops a few zombies down, then is struck blind…. permanently. Bulrog tumbles out and kills another zombie, Walker steps out and hacks another… Fin casts mage armor… Then Zerrin raises the dead zombies up… again! uh oh this might take a while… Erin see the writing on the wall and heads out the door… walker summons a leapord and it leaps after him, mauling him in the process… Grayst swings wildly almost taking walkers head off (good thing he is short). Bulrog gets around, takes out an orderly. Fin shoots a magic missle then a Large lightning bolt streaks across the room, lighting things on fire as it goes… But misses! seems this Zerren guy is wily… but not to much, because then he is surrounded and begs for his life!

Exploring the basement They find Caizarlu’s lav. It is a large room that combines features of a wizard’s lab and a catacomb. several tables bearing bodies covered by drapes dominate the room, while tools for dissection hang from the wall and sit on shelves. yep a necromantic laboratory. There are 3 bodies on the tables. After checking the patient log you found in Erin’s room, you realize they are deceased old patients. Seems someone has been doing experiments down here. Fin figures out that the bodes are preserved via gentle repose spell, and Bulrog finds a hidden slot in the table leg that is hiding a wand of gentle repose. you find a map and other notes down here. There are 2 other rooms. Using the keys found on Caizarlu you open up the doors. One housed the zomabies and is barebones and dirty. the other was the room for Caizarlu. Its a stark room that features a bed, study table, and chair. His spellbook sits atop the desk and some notes (see his item’s under treasure).



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