New Fumble Rules

When rolling a 1 it is now an automatic miss, BUT not an automatic fumble. Just like you have to confirm a crit, you now need to confirm a fumble.


To model a chance that in combat a character could fumble his weapon, then when a player rolls a 1 on his attack roll, have him make a DC12 Dexterity check. If he fails, his character fumbles.

Add 2 to DC check for every attack made that round if roll of 1 occurs (including AoO)

example 1: If Carve attacks with 2 arrows on his turn, and rolls a 1 on the second arrow attack, the roll to not fumble is a DC14 Dex roll.

example 2: Carve has attacked early in the round with 2 attacks on a full attack action. The goblin provokes an Attack of Opportunity later in the round. Carve shoots an arrow and rolls a 1. To not fumble, he would need to beat a DC16 Dex roll.

New Fumble Rules

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