Combat Cheat Sheet

Combat Action Summary – Determine Initiative (use dex) – set for whole encounter
Each round a PC or NPC may take –
One Standard Action + One Move Action (or visa versa)
Move Action + Move Action
One Full Round Action
Things one can do in addition to those above:
One Swift or Immediate Action + Multiple Free Actions (GM discretion)
5-Foot Step (before, during, or after if no movement or move action during turn)
One Attack of Opportunity if available (more if have feat combat reflexes)
Things one can do to alter their initiative order:
Ready action – choose a standard, move, swift action plus a trigger. When trigger condition met, perform action. (distract spell, counterspell, ready brace wpn, attack…)
Delay action – choose a standard, move, swift action – go later in the initiative order or earlier in next round if you forgo this round.
Common Full Round Actions
Full Attack (Weapon) – Make multiple attacks as per BAB (starting around 6th lvl) or 2 weapon attack
Full Attack (Natural) – Make all available attacks, primaries at BAB, secondaries at BAB-5.
Cast 1-Round Spell – Completes just before start of next turn. AoO. Concentration checks.
Charge – Move at least 10ft up to 2x speed directly to enemy in LoS and make one 2 attack – 4 to AC. (can draw weapon if only moving speed or less). Must have clear path from everything to closest space against enemy. Also adds +2 to bull rush instead of attack. Countered with Brace for 2x damage against a charging character.
Coup De Grace – Auto critical against helpless opponent. Defender gets Fort DC 10
Dmg or death. AoO.
Run – Move up to 4x encumbered speed in a straight line (3x in heavy armor).
Withdraw – Move up to 2x speed without taking AoOs from your starting space.
Fighting Defensively – gain +2 dodge bonus to AC and -4 attack until start of next round

Common Standard Actions
Activate Magic Item – Item effect takes place.
Attack (Melee/Natural) – Make a single attack (even when dual-wield or multiple natural).
Attack (Ranged) – Make a single ranged attack. AoO.
Attack (Touch) – Attempt to touch a target.  AC includes size, DEX, dodge, and deflection.
Attack (Unarmed) – Make a single unarmed attack.  AoO.
Cast Standard Action Spell – Spell takes effect. Touch spells get a free Attack (Touch). AoO.
Demoralise (Intimidate) – target gains shaken condition.
Drink Potion or Read Scroll – Potion or scroll takes effect. AoO.
Escape Grapple (Escape Artist) – escape an opponent’s grapple.
Feint (Bluff) – Deny DEX bonus vs. your next attack.  DC=10+BAB+Wis or 10+SenseMotive+Wis.
Ready Action – prepare standard or faster action to take on condition. interrupts condition.
Stabilize (Heal) – attempt to stabilize a dying character. AoO.
Start Full-Round Action – Split a FRA across two turns. No full attack, charge, run, withdraw.
Fight Defensively – +2 dodge AC and – 4 attacks until next turn.
Total Defense – +4 to AC and can make no attacks (including Opportunity)
Common Move Actions
Move – move up to encumbered speed. AoO.
Draw Weapon – draw any non-hidden weapon (hidden weapon is std action).
Mount/Dismount – mount or dismount a steed.
Open/Close Door – open or close a standard door.
Pick Up Item – take an item. AoO.
Draw or Sheathe Weapon – put a weapon away. AoO.
Stand From Prone – get to your feet from a position on the ground.  AoO.
Ready Shield – equip a shield for battle.
Retrieve Stored Item – ready any item from accessible storage (pocket/pouch).  AoO.

Common Free Actions
Drop Item – drop an item from your hands.
Drop To Prone – drop to the ground from standing.
Fight Defensively – may only use prior to taking std action. +2 dodge AC. -4 on all attacks until next turn.
Ready Spell Components – prepare physical components or focus for spell casting.

+2 to attack if can trace a line through opponent to another friendly character
+4 to AC against range attacks. Trace line from a corner to any corner of enemy. If it passes through a wall or obsticle or other enemy, opponent has cover. (this includes reach weapons if not adjacent). +2 Reflex save vs burst or attacks that originate on other side of cover. On low cover, doesnt count against range if cover is closer to ranged attacker than defender.
Partial Cover
+2 to AC and +1 to savings throw if cover is less than half of opponent.
Helpless Defender
one who is sleeping, bound, paralayzed, etc… -9 AC penalty vs melee and -5 penalty vs ranged
can take a full round action of Coup de Grace (ranged needs to be in adjacent square)
Aid Another
In combat, you can distract enemy by making an attack against AC 10. If sucessful, +2 for friend’s next attack roll or +2 to AC of friend being attacked.

The ready action lets you prepare to take an action later, after your turn is over but before your next one has begun. Readying is a standard action. It does not provoke an attack of opportunity (though the action that you ready might do so).
Readying an Action: You can ready a standard action, a move action, a swift action, or a free action. To do so, specify the action you will take and the conditions under which you will take it. The action occurs just before the action that triggers it. The rest of the encounter, your initiative result is the count on which you took the readied action, and you act immediately ahead of the character whose action triggered your readied action.If you take your readied action in the next round, before your regular turn comes up, your initiative count rises to that new point in the order of battle, and you do not get your regular action that round.
Distracting Spellcasters: You can ready an attack against a spellcaster with the trigger “if she starts casting a spell.” If you damage the spellcaster, she may lose the spell she was trying to cast (as determined by her Spellcraft check result).
Readying to Counterspell: You may ready a counterspell against a spellcaster (often with the trigger “if she starts casting a spell”). In this case, when the spellcaster starts a spell, you get a chance to identify it with a Spellcraft check (DC 15 + spell level). If you do, and if you can cast that same spell (and are able to cast it and have it prepared, if you prepare spells), you can cast the spell as a counterspell and automatically ruin the other spellcaster’s spell. Counterspelling works even if one spell is divine and the other arcane.
A spellcaster can use dispel magic to counterspell another spellcaster, but it doesn’t always work.
Readying a Weapon against a Charge: You can ready weapons with the brace feature. A readied weapon of this type deals double damage if you score a hit with it against a charging character.
Delay: When you delay, you voluntarily reduce your own initiative result for the rest of the combat. You also can’t interrupt anyone else’s action (as you can with a readied action). Your initiative result becomes the count on which you took the delayed action. If you come to your next action and have not yet performed an action, you don’t get to take a delayed action (though you can delay again).If you take a delayed action in the next round, before your regular turn comes up, your initiative count rises to that new point in the order of battle, and you do not get your regular action that round.

Combat Maneuvers

Bull Rush – standard or as part of Charge action, no AoO. Success move creature back 5ft. For every 5 excess, add another 5ft. -4 for each additional creature.
Disarm – instead of Melee – AoO, Success drops 1 item. 10 or more drops item in both hands. Fail by 10 drop your item. If unarmed and successful, auto pick up item.
Grapple-standard action – AoO,w/o 2 free hands -4, success foe is grappled,can move target ½ speed. Can inflict damage (unarmed or light 1hand). Can give target Pinned condition. Can tie up (-10 if also grappling
Overrun – standard action – AoO. Run past target (can choose to let you pass), success move throug space, more than 5, target is prone. Fail, stop in front. +2DC for additional legs.
Sunder – melee attack – AoO. Success deal damage. If exceeds hardness subtract from hit points. Equal or less than half gains broken. 0 hit points its destroyed.
Trip – melee attack – AoO. Target knocked Prone. Add +2 DC for additional legs. If you fail by 10 or more, you are knocked prone.
Bull Rush – Standard action or part of Charge action. No AoO – push target 5 ft. 5ft for every 5 excess. -4 for each additional creature.
Disarm – instead of melee – AoO – Target drops 1 item or 2 items if check exceed CMD by 10
Grapple – standard action – AoO Both target and attacker gain grappled condition. Can Pin or tie up. Also can aid action to grapple or to break grapple +2. Also can use escape artist check.
Overrun – standard action – AoO – Move through/past target, knocked prone if check exceeds CMD by 5
Sunder – melee attack – AoO – Deal damage to item held/worn by target
Trip – melee attack – AoO – Target knocked Prone

Combat Cheat Sheet

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