The Seven's Sawmill


12 skinshaw masks 1200 gp each
These enhancements grant +2 competence bonuses on Perception checks made against creatures that aren’t immune to fear. Further, the ability to plainly see the map of targets’ arteries and veins grants the wearer a +1 profane bonus on damage with slashing weapons made against living creatures. Wearing a skin mask leaves hideous mental scars; when the mask is donned, the wearer takes 1 point of Charisma damage as his thoughts become tangled with images of murder.

10 masterwork war razors
17 leather armors
350 gold on the various skinshaw cultists
8 handheld crossbows
95 bolts for handheld crossbows
in a barrel you find the stolen goods
2 dozen skinshaw robes
3 bags with 100 gold pieces
3 poitions of barkskin +3
beautiful crystal decanter with an obsidian stopper worth 300 gp
tiny wooden box of 3 fair cut diamonds worth 600 gp

on Justice Ironbriar:
Justice of Magnimar Signet Ring
Mithral chain shirt
+1 buckler
+1 short sword
+1 handheld crossbow with 9 poisoned bolst (drow poison)
reaper’s mask 10,000 gp

This disturbing mask appears as a single long strip of pliant human skin, stitched into a widening spiral by black thread. Gaps between the stitching allow the wearer to see and breathe through the unsettling mask.

A reaper’s mask functions identically to a skinsaw mask, but also allows the wearer to cast confusion twice per day.
a key to the office

Inside Ironbriar’s office that he seems to have collected from his various victims…
-various sea charts
-etchings of vast rock formationsaccompanied by maps
-several pamphlets discussing a “forgotten” school of magic known as Alchymyc (That only Fin recognizes)
-a fine painting depicting a city carved from a vast frozen waterfall with towering ice cathedrals and domes – (Bulrog realizes that it is worth 500 gp in the right hands)
Wizards spellbook emblazoned with 2 entwined snakes (1 green, 1 red) that contains the following spells:
cat’s grace
chill touch
enlarge person
fox’s cunning
lightning bolt
mage armor
magic missile
scorching ray
shocking grasp
shrink item
spider climb

an old and beautifully filigree tome titled -The Syrpents Tane: Fairy Tales of the Eldest
Bulrog has heard of it knows its worth 600 gp and will tell you the story if asked…

a slim volume in a drawer of the desk. Bulrog opens the lock. It seems to be in some sort of code, but using languages…


The Seven's Sawmill

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