Shadow Clock's Treasure


Fin appraises the treasure (since he can take 10 and be successful – need a DC 20 to appraise common items – rarer items are high DC checks)

On the Giant Golem:
+1 Scythe

on Xanesha
Snakeskin Tunic – 7,500 gp
it grants a +1 armor bonus to AC and a +2 resistance bonus on saving throws against poison.


The Impaler of Thorns – 8,000 gp

This spear is made of darkwood, and its head is a thorn-like, wide-bladed barb. When impaler of thorns is used in combat, its successful critical hits are accompanied by an unsettling screech, as of some wild beast in anger.

An impaler of thorns is a +1 longspear. Once per day as it strikes a foe, the wielder can cause it (as a free action) to unleash a 30-foot-radius burst of despair that affects all creatures not wielding an impaler of thorns. Creatures affected must succeed at DC 16 Will saves or become overwhelmed with sadness and despair, taking –2 penalties on attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls for 6 minutes. The target struck when this effect is triggered must also succeed at a second DC 16 Will save to resist becoming nauseated with despair for 1 round.

Sihedron Medallion – 3000 gp

This medallion hangs on a leather cord, a silver disc inscribed with the Sihedron. While worn, a Sihedron medallion grants its wearer a +1 resistance bonus on all saving throws. Once per day, as a free action, it may be commanded to bestow the effects of false life (see spell) on the wearer. Placed on the neck of a dead body, a Sihedron medallion preserves the body indefinitely via a gentle repose effect.

Medusa Mask – 500 – 7000 gp Fin thinks this is a worthless party mask (as does Carve and Bulrog) – however walker thinks its actually magic and worth far more.

This intricate mask is made of gold-plated iron. Writhing snake tails radiate from a gemstone upon the brow, almost as if they were medusa-like hair.

The mask grants a +4 bonus on all saving throws against visual effects, including gaze attacks and sight-based illusions.

In the 7 chests

33,000 cp
8,100 sp
900 gp
100 pp
4,200 gp worth of jewelry – which you can get half of the value
ring of jumping – 2,000 gp
This ring continually allows the wearer to leap about, providing a +5 competence bonus on all his Acrobatics checks made to make high or long jumps.
+1 Kukri (which is a small knife)
Golombane Scarab – 2500 gp
This beetle-shaped pin enables its wearer to detect any golem within 60 feet, although he must concentrate (a standard action) in order for the detection to take place. A scarab enables its possessor to combat golems with weapons, unarmed attacks, or natural weapons as if those golems had no damage reduction.

The list:


Walker’s old helmet found burned and discarded in the corner with some magical elements around it…


Shadow Clock's Treasure

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