In a fortified position from Thistletop, Nualia commanded a force of goblins and a band of mercenaries with which she hoped to destroy Sandpoint. The mercenaries included Tsuto Kaijitsu, the mage Lyrie Akenja, the swordsman Orik Vancaskerkin, and bugbear hunter Bruthazmus. Goblin chief Ripnugget lent the support of his tribe due to his obsession with Nualia, which Ripnugget’s druid advisor Gogmurt found unseemly.

The Misfits confronted Nualia in her chambers deep within the Thistletop complex in a daring braod daylight attack. Nualia’s transformation into a demon (abbissal) had already begun, her right arm twisted and deformed into a red-skinned inhuman talon and the Mark of Lamashtu upon her abdomen. They attacked in an old temple to Lamashtu inside the ancient Thassalonian Head. She had summoned Melshakur. Then she sacrificed Thralad’s friend to have her left arm transformed. After, she escaped!

The Misfits found Nualia’s Journals.

Naulia tobyntransformed


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