The Protectors of Sandpoint

The Shadow Clock

What lives there????

After The Protectors defeated most of the cult at the star lumber mill, they find the mayors bookie tied up in a room. Looked like he was going to be the next sacrifice! They decide to get the mayor, and with much fanfare through the city (part of which it had been years since he had even set foot in) they shown the mayor justice Ironbriars body and his misdeeds! The mayor thanks him for rescuing his good friend and heads out. The group discovers Ironbriars special diary,but its in a secret code! Also they discover the raven loft, where carve talks to a raven and they decide to let him fly to his other outlook with a blank piece of paper tied to hits claw. Fin also scries the bird and watches as he flies into a bird stoop a mile away in a old clock tower under the Irespan, a giant bridge built a thousand years ago by the ancient Thassalonians. They decide to travel to the part of Magnimar called the shadow.

The Shadow district is the most derelict in the city and houses only the single city district of Underbridge. It is home to the seediest of Magnimar’s inhabitants and most members of the government take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to the district’s problems.
The City gave up trying to police the area years ago…

Fin has heard about a bar called ,“the Friendly Merchant” where you might get some info, so after scaring off a local SXzarni gang that was trailing you, you walk in to see a very run down bar, with the smell of booze, body odor, and vomit in the air. After making friends with the bar keep he tells you about the shadow clock and where it is…


after passing your fair share of seedy taverns, cheap brothels, flophouses and gambling dens, linked together by muddy gaps the locals call roads, the group sees the most impressive sight around – the Shadow Clock, a rickety 250 feet tall clock tower with an angel perched at the top. The clock face is frozen at 3 o’clock, it’s reputed to be a den to all manner of monsters, and the tower seems about ready to collapse, but it’s still quite an impressive building nonetheless. In fact it almost reaches the top of the Underbridge of the Irespan!


Well the group sees the front door and decides that knocking is way too polite, but instead should fly. All the chatter seems to attract some attention, and as Fin and Walker fly up and out and around-ish the tower to tie some rope so the others can climb up, Carve and Bulrog are left to dispatch a wolf and his giant Gollem buddy – what the locals call the “Scarecrow”…


Even with his giant magic Scythe carve and bulrog make quick work of the monster…
At this point the rope has been tied up to a rafter at the top of the clock tower and Bulrog and Carve start there slow accent up the side of the rickety old tower. Walker and Fin get bored waiting on the group, so head into the Ravenry (E4 on map) where they see their old raven friend… they make enough racket that here comes some baddies… Faceless Stalkers!


Well this fight goes on for far too long, with the baddies managing to cut the rope, causing Bulrog to almost falling to his death, but for making a quick save and grabbing onto the side of the building! Fin flys down to grab Bulrog, and the group heads up to the very top of the tower on the outside rafters/rickety old stairs after killing 2 of the stalker, the other one ran up to warn his boss…


They head up and in the middle of the room, is a large flying monster!

well Carve shoots at it! the arrows go straight through!
Fin fires off an electric lightning strike! goes straight through! the monster laughs!
Well, they finish off the last stalker (after Carve looses two fingers to an unlucky sword strike…seems he didn’t really need those fingers anyways!) Bulrog goes under the monster to try to stab it, and misses, while Fin shoots off another lightning strike… seems like nothing will damage it. Walker charges in and misses. THEN the monster disappears and walker feels Stabs of pain as he is attacked 3x’s and almost put under by…



Boxed in she tries to side step Bulrog and Walker, but FUMBLES her spear…which drops her spear and she trips over her tail and is on the ground! at this point the group pummles her… she tries to turn them into stone … Fails… she quickly dies…

the group finds the treasure, a letter,

and a list…


and in a corner Walker’s Helmet… from when? it seems to have been burnt, and there are magical elements to it… how could have xanesha gotten that old helmet????

The group heads back to the mayor and shows him the evidence of the treasure, list, and letter…


He is shocked… the implications about Justice Ironbriar and now the list (which contains some other prominent officials and nobles) is too much and he faints…. after picking him up (you need most of the group to do so) He thanks you, looks at the items and says,“hate for those to get into the wrong hands, head over to the pathfinders for those weapons at the Heidmarch Manor Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch would love to see some those items, and anything about Golems escaping, well you should tell the people over at the Golemworks, and for all the evil masks and such, talk to my friend Annamentus Jivorus the head acolyte of the Church of Pharasma. Give him this letter and I’m sure he will know what to do with those terrible items.”

He invites you to a personal party at the Lord Mayor’s Menagerie (the city Zoo).

At the party you meet the cities movers and shakers and this allows you to pretty much get special orders done quickly … (unless the magic item takes years to make…)
You are asked to leave, and a few weeks later he calls you back to his office…



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