The Protectors of Sandpoint

The Seven's Sawmill

Into the Skinshaw cult's hornets nest...

After consulting the ledger and staring at it for a time, Carve questions why there are so many visits to a place called – The Seven’s Sawmill. The group seems as if this is a good place to start.


Asking about, (and Fin thinking back and consulting his old friend) the group finds out that almost all the sawmills are on a small island in the south of the city called Kyver’s Islet in the Ordellia section of town. Though none are named Seven’s Sawmill, the group heads down there anyways. Crossing the bridge they see quite a few sawmills and ask about the area. They stumble upon a store called Pug’s Contraptions, and quickly find out that Pug (a smallish old gnome known for his mechanical toys) sold a few cages to an Aldern Foxglove a few month’s back… for bird’s.


And well, there is a sawmill called the star that hasn’t changed owners in forever, and most of these places are constantly doing that…

The group heads over. It has a sign with a Seven Pointed Star…Bulrog goes down the basement stairs, when he shot from behind with a poison arrow! He reaches to pull it out of his back and motions to the group he has been shot. Carve and winter notice that on a building across the street there is a cultist! He realizes he has been seen and runs away, but is shortly caught and killed…

The group devices a plan. Bulrog will use his disguise hat and stilts to dress as the skinshaw cultist and then tie up the rest of the group, to pretend he had caught them!


They knock on the door… no one answers… they knock again, then proceed to open the door. While Thralad, Walker, Carve, and Winter hang by the door, Bulrog (in disguise) sneaks around the room. He finds nothing besides some hay and its pretty noisy. Suddenly a worker comes down the stairs (which is right by the door). He greets Walker and the gang. Walker asks him if he knows where his manager is. He says sure, and heads back up the stairs…


The group debates what to do for a few min, and then bulrog heads up ropes while the rest of the group heads up the stairs.


They find a few guys read and waiting, shooting arrows. Bulrog rushes in and slashes a few, the rest of group heads up, attacks while Walker summons a bear. Quick work!

They send the bear up the next level. The group quickly follows. It is the logspillter area with lots of boards lying around. Carve shoots one, Thralad cuts one open, and bleeds, while Bulrog distracts the last guy for the bear to run up and throw it into the log splitter…. and splits him some cultist!



They head up to the last level.


Nothing up here. Bulrog runs up and heads to a door in the far corner with Thralad close behind. Carve runs up, then Walker, then Winter whoo sniffs…. wait a minute… TOO LATE! AMBUSH by 6 guys! arrows, war razors and the like are slashing out of thin air! Bulrog goes down, Walker narrowly misses getting poisoned, winter almost dies and Thralad is on his last leg. In desperation, Walker casts summon old guy knight dude… he can’t attack but hey the big bad guy with the super crazy mask on is attacking him…If only we had a wizard!!!!!

Things look dire, when Walker remembers all those healing spells… He channels a few times, uses his magic healing wand of awesome and Thralad and Bulrog are back up. Carve has been wittilng the guys down and they finally bring down The big guy. The take off the mask and the low and behold its….


Justice Ironbrair! Yes he did seem to eager to throw our hero’s in Jail…

He is wearing some cool stuff (see Item list)

In a closet in the room, The group finds the Mayor’s Gambling Bookie friend! Tied up and ready to be sacrificed…. The Mayor is going to be glad of this…

You head into the office and find books all over the place but on the walls something far more sinister.

Human faces stretched flat over wooden frames by strips of leather. Each face with a leathery grimace!

there is a desk, a chair, a low slung cot heaped up with blankets and a ladder in the corner that leads up to a trap door in the ceiling. (see items page for the books)

Bulrog unlocks a drawer in the desk and discovers a ledger written in some sort of code using Elvish, and a few other languages (Fin will later discover Draconic and an unknown language he doesn’t know)

You head up the ladder and find the rookery, a small room with 3 cages with 3 strangly silent ravens inside. A table nearby hold a bucket full of feed, a quill, ink, and some parchment.

You also explore the whole of the basement, only to find a few more easily dispatched cultists and machinery that operates the whole sawmill. On a floor you find another closet with a barrel full of the victims items. (see item page)




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