The Protectors of Sandpoint

The Fight of the ghoul army...

After watching the defeat of Aldern by Ieasha’s Ghost, the protectors open the door leading to the next room….

Inside they discover a large cavern


That is full of ghouls! Seems that someone has been giving the mold to captured farmers from the hinterlands in order to make a ghoul army!


Bulrog jumps into the fray followed by Carvestor and Walker!

Bulrog is later paralyzed by the ghouls! and then Walker!

The little girl from the farmhouse appears then climbs along the walls and attacks Carve.!


In the distance the group sees an alter and who is in front of the alter but THRALAD!


Behind Thralad is a large pod of some sort…


Fin decides to Lightning strike a line of ghouls and Thralad…. it also hits the pod!


He is getting waylayed by Thralad. Walker finially becomes unparalyzed (but not Bulorg).


Another lightning strike hits the ghoul currently munching on Bulrog (and a few others) and Thralad AND the pod! it opens up and who should appear? but Nualia! she has turned into a Succubus!


Thralad is finally taken down, and is transformed into the monster that had looked like him. Bulrog is out on hits and so is the wolf as Nualia does evil channeling. A few hits by Carve, Walker, and Fin forces her hand and she flies out the door, but not before grabbing Walker’s helmet!

The group finishes off the rest of the ghouls heals up and tries to figure out how to stop the mold from growing…. they notice that one is in the shape of a figure… the mold doesn’t burn away very well (and gives off a toxic gas…)

They discover a note to Foxglove


and a note left behind by Nualia…


This note was found in a fire by the alter…

After again trying to figure out how to get rid of the mold that causes the Ghoul Fever, they decide to sneak out through the cave, how the murderer went out by the ocean, and upstream… Bulrog, notices scratching in the back of his throat, blurry vision, and suddenly it seems that human flesh smells pretty appetizing…



Looks like I have some family on the list…

The Fight of the ghoul army...

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