The Protectors of Sandpoint

From Turtleback Ferry to Fort Rannick!

Who knew tatoos where so popular!


After talking to a few dock workers the crew head over to a tavern called the bottoms up run by a halving couple. The rain seems colder and more constant now, compaired to when they first entered the lake area. They quickly have food a drink flowing, a fire roaring, and they start to dry up from the constant rain and cold wind that has been blowing outside. They learn that no one has heard from the fort for over six weeks. Their conversation is interrupted by a ruckus outside. And who is at the door but Thralad! He is in a bright golden armor, with a hydra helm and has created quiet the stir with his warhorse and fully clad warrior (not many real warriors around these parts ). He tells the group that he is the gladiator champion of the serpents run back in Magnimar.

The group settles down with the crowd that has formed inside the tavern. They ask around about Fort Rannick and find out that it has been silent for 6 weeks. After 1 week the mayor sent a scouting party and they never returned, so he sent for Magnimar, and here you guys are! Eventually You discover that there has been some “goings on” at the town. specifically a gambling barge paradise sank about 6 weeks ago, with all aboard killed! Some say it was because of Erastil’s (the hunter god that the town worships – and the black arrows) judgement from all the gambling and prostitution.

At some point, someone sees a Sanhedrin rune tattooed on a person, and the group finds out that it seems a lot of people in the town have tattoos. The group investigates some more over the next few days (with Bulrog and Thralad fishing with some locals). You talk to the priest/mayor of the village and figure out you should investigate the fort.


After a 15 mile walk, past all too quiet woods, and a bear attack, you see the fort in the distance. The group agrees to send Carve and Bulrog to sneak across the bridge to scout. The come up to the north gate and find it smashed in! They see 2 ogres (9 feet tall) arguing about a horse head. Bulrog sneaks up, and carve shoot and down the 2 ogres no problem. Seems like a cake walk!


The rest of the group kinda sorta sneaks up (well not really thralad and walker, and Fin is invisible) The regroup in the northeast corner at B2 and send Bulrog out to sneak around and scout. This goes well until he trips makes some noise and OGRES attack!


Battle Battle Battle


A cook comes out more battle


More ogres pour from a watch tower…
The leader flees! but Carve makes a huge shot from over 120’ away…. pegs him! Its like he is a hero! they kill the rest (12 in all)….



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