The Protectors of Sandpoint

From Sandpoint to Magnimar....

After regrouping in Sandpoint, the party decides its time to head to the big city – Magnimar – the City of Monuments! Its the 2nd largest city in Varisia and rules over the surrounding region (including Sanpoint). It is a city of over 16,000 people, and as such, has its fair share of crime, criminal organizations, and other shady types, but also trade from around the world, markets and shops where most anything can be found, ancient statues to famous heros and long forgotten gods, a gladiator ring – the Seven Serpent’s Run, and the famous and unique – Golemworks! Fin knows about the wizard that uses the ancient rocks found from the Giant Bridge – the Irespan – to animate stone into Golems. There is a large festival celebrating it every year. Fin has heard of “Old Mad Laurdin” who is said to haunt the basements of the Capital District….(pg 15 – GM reference – jason can ask me about it and I’ll fill him in)


Magnimar in all its glory!



The City is divided into 3 geographic areas and several districts: click to find out more!
The Summit

The wealthiest communities in Magnimar are located in the Summit atop the rise of the Seacleft, as are the city’s centers of government, education, and arts. The Summit contains the following districts:
Alabaster District
Capital District

The Shore

Home to the majority of Magnimar’s working class, the Shore contains Magnimar’s coasts and docks, and the following districts:
Beacon’s Point
Kyver’s Islet

The Shadow

The Shadow district is the most derelict in the city and houses only the single community of Underbridge. It is home to the seediest of Magnimar’s inhabitants and most members of the government take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to the district’s problems.

Talking to Mayor Deverin in Sandpoint, you find that she has a relative who has a brewery/Inn that you can stay at while you investigate Foxglove’s holdings in Magnimar. That night Fin is approached by the old hag and has his fortune read. The group saddles up and heads off for the 50 mile. A group of bandits on the Lone Coast road stop you few miles from the walls, but they quickly realize you are no ordinary group of travelers and think better of messing with you.

You pass into town and a bum leads you down to the Fancy Reefclaw Inn & Brewery in the Lowcleft district in the shadow of the giant cliff and the gaint tower the Arvensoar that stands 400 feet into the air! It is the garrison of the city watch and the small military, and controls the connection between the shore and the summit.


You spend the next few days trying to find the whearabouts of Foxglove’s townhouse. You sell that painting and get the reward for the bandit. Fin heads to talk to his friend, Carve , Bulrog, and Walker end up at the Seven Serpent’s run and see non other than Thralad fighting a Minataur!. He chops the head off and throws it into the stands as the crowd goes wild!

Talking to Thralad, he relays a few things. He has been staying at the Gilded Cage, not to far from the Reefclaw, and replaced the old gladiator for the establishment (it is a high end gambling den and brothel) after he was beaten and later killed! some think for old gambling debts, but others not so much. Fin comes back and relays that there have been murders going on in magnimar and that they match the same sanhiedron rune mark on their chest!

Later that night, Bulrog and other watch a Hell night drag a halfing away only to be ambushed and killed, the Halfing being kidnapped.

Capitol District

The next day, you try a meeting with the Mayor in the Capital District and after a series of many different runaround but get a meeting with Lord Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras a very fat man, who it seems, his bookie was just kidnapped or murdered and well its time to be serious!


About this time, in walk a few justices, Lord Justice Bayl Argentine and Justice Ironbriar. from the Court of Justice to also talk to you about the murders, since you mention that they seem connected. They don’t really help (and I don’t really remember) but they say, “thanks!” and see you out the door.

Fin has another meeting with his friend and figures out where Foxglove’s Townhouse is.

You head on over to see what is there…



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