The Protectors of Sandpoint

Finishing up at Fort Ranncik

How many ogre's are there?!???!?


After this first onslaught, Bulrog investigates the cook area… seems that ogres like to eat humans, and there are a bunch here (one is currently roasting over a spit). In the corner a hand reaches up, but barely… its a Black arrow! and he’s alive! He has been skewered with a giant metal rod…. looks like he was up next. Walker pulls the skewer slowly out and begins healing the man. suddenly more ogres pour out of B10 a 2 story building with a thatched roof. the group gets in battle formation, and to buy some time (and dead ogre’s – who are 9 feet tall by the way) shoots off a fireball… boom! hits some of the guys… They head straight for the golden rod… Thralad! Walker asks the guy his name, seems its Vale and he just needs an axe and he can fight to reclaim the Fort and avenge his fallen brothers!


Thralad does a twirling dervish trick he learned from the galdiator ring and kills 2 ogres in one blow! Bulrog gets grappled…

Fin throws another fireball…and catches the barracks on fire!

some battle ensues, yay another 14 are dead…

Vale wonders if his weapons are in the fire trap of the new barracks… that is why the black arrows never stayed in there… He explains that he was out on a deep patrol with Jakardros, the 2nd in comand, and Kaven. They were out for over 2 weeks, and when they returned, the Fort had been taken… in a rash decision, they attacked and where quickly captured and thrown in the cells in the basement with the rest of the survivors of the black arrows…. Kaven was taken early on to be questioned By Lucy or Lucrecia as she is formally known… the proprietor of the paradise . So I guess she isn’t dead after all, and he never returned. It was down to Jakardros and him, and earlier that morning they had grabbed Him…


He tells you about the secret passage ways and the shocker lizards and how to avoid them… The group does…. you go down and rescue Jakardros in the cell! only he has no arms past the elbows… seems as if an ogre got hungry…you heal him up … oh wait, you just give him 16 hit points, and tie a dagger to a nub. That’ll work you say…you head into a nice room with pillows and perfume… nice Then you head upstairs…


You find an ogre in the infirmary… dead… but he had been doing experiments on the human cook….Fin finds the library… he sits down to read with walker… the rest of the group gets bored and goes to find trouble.. found it! you fight a bunch of ogres…. Jakardros gets split in half … oops…. there goes the black arrow command… 2 ogres come out in human armor funny! a painter with a human body goes down… head upstairs…


Bulrog sneaks into the chapel and sees an ogre with his back turned putting human heads on the atlers on the wall… seems to be a crude shrine to a 3 eyed jackal…Bulrgo sneaks the ogre…. boom! 60 hits… but uh oh he is still up!


he uses his human slaying ogre axe (he is 14 feet tall) and cuts Vale in two except for the buckle on his belt, and so it only cuts him a little…boy that was lucky for our hero! Thralad goes down, but you get him with an electric bolt. Hre comes an ogre wizard and her lacky….


its hookmaw and Dorella! she charms vale to attack a leapard that walker had summoned! after all, thats what good friends do..

Fin webs her up and then sets fire to it… dead….


you search the castle and the most interesting thing you find are secret notes, poems, and sonnets about a “Myriana” who is “so beautiful that the moon itself was blinded when it spied her dancing on the tarn” and who is “the truest grace to know Whitewillow’s soft embrace.”

You figure out that White willow is a section of the Shimmerglens.
you find a locket with 2 strands of hair. Fin can’t figure who it belongs too, but Carve says hmmm i bet that is nymph hair

Vale recalls that Lamatar (the commander) would go on “communion walks” – lone treks made through the region, to put him closer to the realm. Vale remembers that he was on just such a walk before the raid on the Fort!He thinks he might be hiding out in Whitewillow, possibly preparing to strike back against the ogres! The group has a restless sleep in the castle through the night, and wake up….its still raining…



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