The Protectors of Sandpoint

Down the river to Turtleback Ferry...

sounds like we can fish...

After talking to the Mayor of Magnimar at his home for a private dinner, he urges the group to head to Turgle Back Ferry. A small outpost of a town with only 429 or so people (last count), Magnimar is loosly in control of the city, and 50 years ago sent a squad of Rangers to help protect the town. They formed the order of the Black Arrows and after driving the trolls out of the Valley of Broken Trees, build Fort Rannick (after the first commander of the order) to help secure the area and keep Turtleback Ferry safe.

The Mayor has received an urgent letter from the Mayor of Turtleback – Maelin Shreed, stating that it has been several weeks since hearing anything from the Black Arrows and is requesting some reinforcements.

The Lord Mayor has picked the group – and he’ll pay each person 750 gp plus the Ferry ride down there. Its only 441 miles away… and it suppose to be safe! what could go wrong…

You head down to Odissa and meet up with a captain and a small boat and crew who are making their quarterly run to Magnimar from Pandaka and will take you (arranged by the Mayor’s people)

The captain is Jacasin Dickey, 1st mate is Coburne Deren, and the Captains wife, Leigh Schroeder. They are nice enough, but a suspicious lot and the wife is hard of hearing. Coburne doesn’t like the fact that a crow flew south at 9am over the boat and mutters something about “this prissy lot”


the first day or so is uneventful, until the afternoon of the 2nd day… when from underneath the water flys up….

A Dragon… A black one to be exact, that seems to smile as he spews acid at the boat… Carve notes that he doesn’t think it is full grown, as he shoots 3 arrows in quick succession at it. Walker quickly casts a spell, and the Dragon seems to attack itself with deep regret. After it swoops down and attacks Carve, no one is really hurt, and the dragon flies off when Fin shoots it with a bolt of electricity, looking back, it seems to be taking a mental note of the group and flashes Fin its toothy grin of Black Fangs…

well after that what else could happen…. until the 4th night, with carve, the 1st mate, bulrog, and winter on watch…. the night seems to get darker and a fog rolls in, when a loud shivering shriek wakes up the boat and sends Winter scrambling for the deck, as well as Fin, and the whole crew. Walker wakes up and looks around and runs to the other deck looking for Fin.
Its none other than the SandPoint Devil! and I thought that was just a legend!


Carve shoots off some arrows, hits a couple and misses. Bulrog sees the horselike creature charge at him and trample him. It then spews fire from its mouth and incinerates the 1st mate who was charging out to great the beast, after recovering from the fright. Carve survives and shoots some arrows. Bulrog flips over the side of the boat and clings hiding, popping up to throw his returning dagger at the beast. Things get hazy as Walker casts a spell, the flying horse forgets to attack, and then tries to kill carve with a heart attack… Carve resists! and the Sandpoint Devil Flies away, surely it will think twice about attacking random barges on the river for its meals in the future…

The rest of the trip is uneventful, but as they pull into Claybottom Lake the temperature drops a bit, and the grey skies begin to rain. That cold non stop kinda rain that doesn’t seem like it is going to let up anytime soon. Its late afternoon by the time the group makes it into Turtleback ferry, and they see the towns namesake – ferries made out of giant turtle shells!




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