The Protectors of Sandpoint

Finding the Captain and saving Turtleback Ferry
the Black Magga?!?!?!?!?!? Really???!!!??!









Ridding the land from the Horrible Half-Ogres - The Grauls...

While moving the town up river to get away from the Black Magga; Carve, Vale, Thralad, and Walker go find some of the villagers attacked along the trail! They head deeper into the woods and find an half-ogre clan of inbreeds! They kill them after fighting a giant spider, and rescue a couple villagers… Everyone heads back to the castle…









Finishing up at Fort Ranncik
How many ogre's are there?!???!?


After this first onslaught, Bulrog investigates the cook area… seems that ogres like to eat humans, and there are a bunch here (one is currently roasting over a spit). In the corner a hand reaches up, but barely… its a Black arrow! and he’s alive! He has been skewered with a giant metal rod…. looks like he was up next. Walker pulls the skewer slowly out and begins healing the man. suddenly more ogres pour out of B10 a 2 story building with a thatched roof. the group gets in battle formation, and to buy some time (and dead ogre’s – who are 9 feet tall by the way) shoots off a fireball… boom! hits some of the guys… They head straight for the golden rod… Thralad! Walker asks the guy his name, seems its Vale and he just needs an axe and he can fight to reclaim the Fort and avenge his fallen brothers!


Thralad does a twirling dervish trick he learned from the galdiator ring and kills 2 ogres in one blow! Bulrog gets grappled…

Fin throws another fireball…and catches the barracks on fire!

some battle ensues, yay another 14 are dead…

Vale wonders if his weapons are in the fire trap of the new barracks… that is why the black arrows never stayed in there… He explains that he was out on a deep patrol with Jakardros, the 2nd in comand, and Kaven. They were out for over 2 weeks, and when they returned, the Fort had been taken… in a rash decision, they attacked and where quickly captured and thrown in the cells in the basement with the rest of the survivors of the black arrows…. Kaven was taken early on to be questioned By Lucy or Lucrecia as she is formally known… the proprietor of the paradise . So I guess she isn’t dead after all, and he never returned. It was down to Jakardros and him, and earlier that morning they had grabbed Him…


He tells you about the secret passage ways and the shocker lizards and how to avoid them… The group does…. you go down and rescue Jakardros in the cell! only he has no arms past the elbows… seems as if an ogre got hungry…you heal him up … oh wait, you just give him 16 hit points, and tie a dagger to a nub. That’ll work you say…you head into a nice room with pillows and perfume… nice Then you head upstairs…


You find an ogre in the infirmary… dead… but he had been doing experiments on the human cook….Fin finds the library… he sits down to read with walker… the rest of the group gets bored and goes to find trouble.. found it! you fight a bunch of ogres…. Jakardros gets split in half … oops…. there goes the black arrow command… 2 ogres come out in human armor funny! a painter with a human body goes down… head upstairs…


Bulrog sneaks into the chapel and sees an ogre with his back turned putting human heads on the atlers on the wall… seems to be a crude shrine to a 3 eyed jackal…Bulrgo sneaks the ogre…. boom! 60 hits… but uh oh he is still up!


he uses his human slaying ogre axe (he is 14 feet tall) and cuts Vale in two except for the buckle on his belt, and so it only cuts him a little…boy that was lucky for our hero! Thralad goes down, but you get him with an electric bolt. Hre comes an ogre wizard and her lacky….


its hookmaw and Dorella! she charms vale to attack a leapard that walker had summoned! after all, thats what good friends do..

Fin webs her up and then sets fire to it… dead….


you search the castle and the most interesting thing you find are secret notes, poems, and sonnets about a “Myriana” who is “so beautiful that the moon itself was blinded when it spied her dancing on the tarn” and who is “the truest grace to know Whitewillow’s soft embrace.”

You figure out that White willow is a section of the Shimmerglens.
you find a locket with 2 strands of hair. Fin can’t figure who it belongs too, but Carve says hmmm i bet that is nymph hair

Vale recalls that Lamatar (the commander) would go on “communion walks” – lone treks made through the region, to put him closer to the realm. Vale remembers that he was on just such a walk before the raid on the Fort!He thinks he might be hiding out in Whitewillow, possibly preparing to strike back against the ogres! The group has a restless sleep in the castle through the night, and wake up….its still raining…

From Turtleback Ferry to Fort Rannick!
Who knew tatoos where so popular!


After talking to a few dock workers the crew head over to a tavern called the bottoms up run by a halving couple. The rain seems colder and more constant now, compaired to when they first entered the lake area. They quickly have food a drink flowing, a fire roaring, and they start to dry up from the constant rain and cold wind that has been blowing outside. They learn that no one has heard from the fort for over six weeks. Their conversation is interrupted by a ruckus outside. And who is at the door but Thralad! He is in a bright golden armor, with a hydra helm and has created quiet the stir with his warhorse and fully clad warrior (not many real warriors around these parts ). He tells the group that he is the gladiator champion of the serpents run back in Magnimar.

The group settles down with the crowd that has formed inside the tavern. They ask around about Fort Rannick and find out that it has been silent for 6 weeks. After 1 week the mayor sent a scouting party and they never returned, so he sent for Magnimar, and here you guys are! Eventually You discover that there has been some “goings on” at the town. specifically a gambling barge paradise sank about 6 weeks ago, with all aboard killed! Some say it was because of Erastil’s (the hunter god that the town worships – and the black arrows) judgement from all the gambling and prostitution.

At some point, someone sees a Sanhedrin rune tattooed on a person, and the group finds out that it seems a lot of people in the town have tattoos. The group investigates some more over the next few days (with Bulrog and Thralad fishing with some locals). You talk to the priest/mayor of the village and figure out you should investigate the fort.


After a 15 mile walk, past all too quiet woods, and a bear attack, you see the fort in the distance. The group agrees to send Carve and Bulrog to sneak across the bridge to scout. The come up to the north gate and find it smashed in! They see 2 ogres (9 feet tall) arguing about a horse head. Bulrog sneaks up, and carve shoot and down the 2 ogres no problem. Seems like a cake walk!


The rest of the group kinda sorta sneaks up (well not really thralad and walker, and Fin is invisible) The regroup in the northeast corner at B2 and send Bulrog out to sneak around and scout. This goes well until he trips makes some noise and OGRES attack!


Battle Battle Battle


A cook comes out more battle


More ogres pour from a watch tower…
The leader flees! but Carve makes a huge shot from over 120’ away…. pegs him! Its like he is a hero! they kill the rest (12 in all)….

Down the river to Turtleback Ferry...
sounds like we can fish...

After talking to the Mayor of Magnimar at his home for a private dinner, he urges the group to head to Turgle Back Ferry. A small outpost of a town with only 429 or so people (last count), Magnimar is loosly in control of the city, and 50 years ago sent a squad of Rangers to help protect the town. They formed the order of the Black Arrows and after driving the trolls out of the Valley of Broken Trees, build Fort Rannick (after the first commander of the order) to help secure the area and keep Turtleback Ferry safe.

The Mayor has received an urgent letter from the Mayor of Turtleback – Maelin Shreed, stating that it has been several weeks since hearing anything from the Black Arrows and is requesting some reinforcements.

The Lord Mayor has picked the group – and he’ll pay each person 750 gp plus the Ferry ride down there. Its only 441 miles away… and it suppose to be safe! what could go wrong…

You head down to Odissa and meet up with a captain and a small boat and crew who are making their quarterly run to Magnimar from Pandaka and will take you (arranged by the Mayor’s people)

The captain is Jacasin Dickey, 1st mate is Coburne Deren, and the Captains wife, Leigh Schroeder. They are nice enough, but a suspicious lot and the wife is hard of hearing. Coburne doesn’t like the fact that a crow flew south at 9am over the boat and mutters something about “this prissy lot”


the first day or so is uneventful, until the afternoon of the 2nd day… when from underneath the water flys up….

A Dragon… A black one to be exact, that seems to smile as he spews acid at the boat… Carve notes that he doesn’t think it is full grown, as he shoots 3 arrows in quick succession at it. Walker quickly casts a spell, and the Dragon seems to attack itself with deep regret. After it swoops down and attacks Carve, no one is really hurt, and the dragon flies off when Fin shoots it with a bolt of electricity, looking back, it seems to be taking a mental note of the group and flashes Fin its toothy grin of Black Fangs…

well after that what else could happen…. until the 4th night, with carve, the 1st mate, bulrog, and winter on watch…. the night seems to get darker and a fog rolls in, when a loud shivering shriek wakes up the boat and sends Winter scrambling for the deck, as well as Fin, and the whole crew. Walker wakes up and looks around and runs to the other deck looking for Fin.
Its none other than the SandPoint Devil! and I thought that was just a legend!


Carve shoots off some arrows, hits a couple and misses. Bulrog sees the horselike creature charge at him and trample him. It then spews fire from its mouth and incinerates the 1st mate who was charging out to great the beast, after recovering from the fright. Carve survives and shoots some arrows. Bulrog flips over the side of the boat and clings hiding, popping up to throw his returning dagger at the beast. Things get hazy as Walker casts a spell, the flying horse forgets to attack, and then tries to kill carve with a heart attack… Carve resists! and the Sandpoint Devil Flies away, surely it will think twice about attacking random barges on the river for its meals in the future…

The rest of the trip is uneventful, but as they pull into Claybottom Lake the temperature drops a bit, and the grey skies begin to rain. That cold non stop kinda rain that doesn’t seem like it is going to let up anytime soon. Its late afternoon by the time the group makes it into Turtleback ferry, and they see the towns namesake – ferries made out of giant turtle shells!


The Shadow Clock
What lives there????

After The Protectors defeated most of the cult at the star lumber mill, they find the mayors bookie tied up in a room. Looked like he was going to be the next sacrifice! They decide to get the mayor, and with much fanfare through the city (part of which it had been years since he had even set foot in) they shown the mayor justice Ironbriars body and his misdeeds! The mayor thanks him for rescuing his good friend and heads out. The group discovers Ironbriars special diary,but its in a secret code! Also they discover the raven loft, where carve talks to a raven and they decide to let him fly to his other outlook with a blank piece of paper tied to hits claw. Fin also scries the bird and watches as he flies into a bird stoop a mile away in a old clock tower under the Irespan, a giant bridge built a thousand years ago by the ancient Thassalonians. They decide to travel to the part of Magnimar called the shadow.

The Shadow district is the most derelict in the city and houses only the single city district of Underbridge. It is home to the seediest of Magnimar’s inhabitants and most members of the government take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to the district’s problems.
The City gave up trying to police the area years ago…

Fin has heard about a bar called ,“the Friendly Merchant” where you might get some info, so after scaring off a local SXzarni gang that was trailing you, you walk in to see a very run down bar, with the smell of booze, body odor, and vomit in the air. After making friends with the bar keep he tells you about the shadow clock and where it is…


after passing your fair share of seedy taverns, cheap brothels, flophouses and gambling dens, linked together by muddy gaps the locals call roads, the group sees the most impressive sight around – the Shadow Clock, a rickety 250 feet tall clock tower with an angel perched at the top. The clock face is frozen at 3 o’clock, it’s reputed to be a den to all manner of monsters, and the tower seems about ready to collapse, but it’s still quite an impressive building nonetheless. In fact it almost reaches the top of the Underbridge of the Irespan!


Well the group sees the front door and decides that knocking is way too polite, but instead should fly. All the chatter seems to attract some attention, and as Fin and Walker fly up and out and around-ish the tower to tie some rope so the others can climb up, Carve and Bulrog are left to dispatch a wolf and his giant Gollem buddy – what the locals call the “Scarecrow”…


Even with his giant magic Scythe carve and bulrog make quick work of the monster…
At this point the rope has been tied up to a rafter at the top of the clock tower and Bulrog and Carve start there slow accent up the side of the rickety old tower. Walker and Fin get bored waiting on the group, so head into the Ravenry (E4 on map) where they see their old raven friend… they make enough racket that here comes some baddies… Faceless Stalkers!


Well this fight goes on for far too long, with the baddies managing to cut the rope, causing Bulrog to almost falling to his death, but for making a quick save and grabbing onto the side of the building! Fin flys down to grab Bulrog, and the group heads up to the very top of the tower on the outside rafters/rickety old stairs after killing 2 of the stalker, the other one ran up to warn his boss…


They head up and in the middle of the room, is a large flying monster!

well Carve shoots at it! the arrows go straight through!
Fin fires off an electric lightning strike! goes straight through! the monster laughs!
Well, they finish off the last stalker (after Carve looses two fingers to an unlucky sword strike…seems he didn’t really need those fingers anyways!) Bulrog goes under the monster to try to stab it, and misses, while Fin shoots off another lightning strike… seems like nothing will damage it. Walker charges in and misses. THEN the monster disappears and walker feels Stabs of pain as he is attacked 3x’s and almost put under by…



Boxed in she tries to side step Bulrog and Walker, but FUMBLES her spear…which drops her spear and she trips over her tail and is on the ground! at this point the group pummles her… she tries to turn them into stone … Fails… she quickly dies…

the group finds the treasure, a letter,

and a list…


and in a corner Walker’s Helmet… from when? it seems to have been burnt, and there are magical elements to it… how could have xanesha gotten that old helmet????

The group heads back to the mayor and shows him the evidence of the treasure, list, and letter…


He is shocked… the implications about Justice Ironbriar and now the list (which contains some other prominent officials and nobles) is too much and he faints…. after picking him up (you need most of the group to do so) He thanks you, looks at the items and says,“hate for those to get into the wrong hands, head over to the pathfinders for those weapons at the Heidmarch Manor Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch would love to see some those items, and anything about Golems escaping, well you should tell the people over at the Golemworks, and for all the evil masks and such, talk to my friend Annamentus Jivorus the head acolyte of the Church of Pharasma. Give him this letter and I’m sure he will know what to do with those terrible items.”

He invites you to a personal party at the Lord Mayor’s Menagerie (the city Zoo).

At the party you meet the cities movers and shakers and this allows you to pretty much get special orders done quickly … (unless the magic item takes years to make…)
You are asked to leave, and a few weeks later he calls you back to his office…

The Seven's Sawmill
Into the Skinshaw cult's hornets nest...

After consulting the ledger and staring at it for a time, Carve questions why there are so many visits to a place called – The Seven’s Sawmill. The group seems as if this is a good place to start.


Asking about, (and Fin thinking back and consulting his old friend) the group finds out that almost all the sawmills are on a small island in the south of the city called Kyver’s Islet in the Ordellia section of town. Though none are named Seven’s Sawmill, the group heads down there anyways. Crossing the bridge they see quite a few sawmills and ask about the area. They stumble upon a store called Pug’s Contraptions, and quickly find out that Pug (a smallish old gnome known for his mechanical toys) sold a few cages to an Aldern Foxglove a few month’s back… for bird’s.


And well, there is a sawmill called the star that hasn’t changed owners in forever, and most of these places are constantly doing that…

The group heads over. It has a sign with a Seven Pointed Star…Bulrog goes down the basement stairs, when he shot from behind with a poison arrow! He reaches to pull it out of his back and motions to the group he has been shot. Carve and winter notice that on a building across the street there is a cultist! He realizes he has been seen and runs away, but is shortly caught and killed…

The group devices a plan. Bulrog will use his disguise hat and stilts to dress as the skinshaw cultist and then tie up the rest of the group, to pretend he had caught them!


They knock on the door… no one answers… they knock again, then proceed to open the door. While Thralad, Walker, Carve, and Winter hang by the door, Bulrog (in disguise) sneaks around the room. He finds nothing besides some hay and its pretty noisy. Suddenly a worker comes down the stairs (which is right by the door). He greets Walker and the gang. Walker asks him if he knows where his manager is. He says sure, and heads back up the stairs…


The group debates what to do for a few min, and then bulrog heads up ropes while the rest of the group heads up the stairs.


They find a few guys read and waiting, shooting arrows. Bulrog rushes in and slashes a few, the rest of group heads up, attacks while Walker summons a bear. Quick work!

They send the bear up the next level. The group quickly follows. It is the logspillter area with lots of boards lying around. Carve shoots one, Thralad cuts one open, and bleeds, while Bulrog distracts the last guy for the bear to run up and throw it into the log splitter…. and splits him some cultist!



They head up to the last level.


Nothing up here. Bulrog runs up and heads to a door in the far corner with Thralad close behind. Carve runs up, then Walker, then Winter whoo sniffs…. wait a minute… TOO LATE! AMBUSH by 6 guys! arrows, war razors and the like are slashing out of thin air! Bulrog goes down, Walker narrowly misses getting poisoned, winter almost dies and Thralad is on his last leg. In desperation, Walker casts summon old guy knight dude… he can’t attack but hey the big bad guy with the super crazy mask on is attacking him…If only we had a wizard!!!!!

Things look dire, when Walker remembers all those healing spells… He channels a few times, uses his magic healing wand of awesome and Thralad and Bulrog are back up. Carve has been wittilng the guys down and they finally bring down The big guy. The take off the mask and the low and behold its….


Justice Ironbrair! Yes he did seem to eager to throw our hero’s in Jail…

He is wearing some cool stuff (see Item list)

In a closet in the room, The group finds the Mayor’s Gambling Bookie friend! Tied up and ready to be sacrificed…. The Mayor is going to be glad of this…

You head into the office and find books all over the place but on the walls something far more sinister.

Human faces stretched flat over wooden frames by strips of leather. Each face with a leathery grimace!

there is a desk, a chair, a low slung cot heaped up with blankets and a ladder in the corner that leads up to a trap door in the ceiling. (see items page for the books)

Bulrog unlocks a drawer in the desk and discovers a ledger written in some sort of code using Elvish, and a few other languages (Fin will later discover Draconic and an unknown language he doesn’t know)

You head up the ladder and find the rookery, a small room with 3 cages with 3 strangly silent ravens inside. A table nearby hold a bucket full of feed, a quill, ink, and some parchment.

You also explore the whole of the basement, only to find a few more easily dispatched cultists and machinery that operates the whole sawmill. On a floor you find another closet with a barrel full of the victims items. (see item page)


Foxglove's Townhouse


The group heads up to the Summit in the Naos District.
The 3 story house is in front of a fountain in a small little square.
Its boarded up. Seems someone is there
You sneak around the back.
You climb over the wall
Bulrog disguises himself.
There are servents there.
He talks to them.
He invites everone in (except Carve, who stays look out on the roof of the outbuidling)
There is a servent who serves you food in the kitchen. Fin asks if he can see the library. They say yes and show him … In walks Foxglove then Ieasha his wife! Then they ambush him as they where actually Faceless Stalkers! Fin goes unconsious, everyone rushes upstairs and fights the others..


Bulrog searches around and find a secret cache hidden in the fireplace mantel decoreted with 2 roaring lions. there is a small keyhole… u use the key from the Manor and click!

inside is bag of 200pp
a number of legal papers and the dead to Foxglove manor.Deed_to_Foxglove_Manor.jpg

You head back to tell Thralad. Seems he was attacked! A few days later the group decides to head back to Foxglove’s Townhouse at night to see if you missed anything… when the group is on the 2nd floor you and are putting books on a floating disc you are attacked! (thanks wisper!)


you put them down fairly easily… a few escape…

a few are wearing masks (3)

This hideous mask resembles a patchwork, deformed face, with one bulbous eye, a grimacing mouth with long teeth, and a flat nose. When worn, the mask fills the wearer’s mind with hideous whispers and images of murder and violence. It heightens the wearer’s ability to sense fear. He can smell the cold sweat brought on by terror and hear the thundering beating of a frightened heart. Further, fresh blood glows brightly to him, to the extent that he can see the shimmering traceries of living circulatory systems pumping away in the bodies of those around him.

These enhancements grant +2 competence bonuses on Perception checks made against creatures that aren’t immune to fear. Further, the ability to plainly see the map of targets’ arteries and veins grants the wearer a +1 profane bonus on damage with slashing weapons made against living creatures. Wearing a this mask leaves hideous mental scars; when the mask is donned, the wearer takes 1 point of Charisma damage as his thoughts become tangled with images of murder. The masks are evil… a few are also carrying war razors.

To all appearances, a war razor is an oversized razor or flip knife. As the razor folds into the handle, no sheath is required, making the weapon easy to hide.

Description: You gain a +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal the weapon on your body.

Weapon Feature(s): easily concealed

From Sandpoint to Magnimar....

After regrouping in Sandpoint, the party decides its time to head to the big city – Magnimar – the City of Monuments! Its the 2nd largest city in Varisia and rules over the surrounding region (including Sanpoint). It is a city of over 16,000 people, and as such, has its fair share of crime, criminal organizations, and other shady types, but also trade from around the world, markets and shops where most anything can be found, ancient statues to famous heros and long forgotten gods, a gladiator ring – the Seven Serpent’s Run, and the famous and unique – Golemworks! Fin knows about the wizard that uses the ancient rocks found from the Giant Bridge – the Irespan – to animate stone into Golems. There is a large festival celebrating it every year. Fin has heard of “Old Mad Laurdin” who is said to haunt the basements of the Capital District….(pg 15 – GM reference – jason can ask me about it and I’ll fill him in)


Magnimar in all its glory!



The City is divided into 3 geographic areas and several districts: click to find out more!
The Summit

The wealthiest communities in Magnimar are located in the Summit atop the rise of the Seacleft, as are the city’s centers of government, education, and arts. The Summit contains the following districts:
Alabaster District
Capital District

The Shore

Home to the majority of Magnimar’s working class, the Shore contains Magnimar’s coasts and docks, and the following districts:
Beacon’s Point
Kyver’s Islet

The Shadow

The Shadow district is the most derelict in the city and houses only the single community of Underbridge. It is home to the seediest of Magnimar’s inhabitants and most members of the government take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to the district’s problems.

Talking to Mayor Deverin in Sandpoint, you find that she has a relative who has a brewery/Inn that you can stay at while you investigate Foxglove’s holdings in Magnimar. That night Fin is approached by the old hag and has his fortune read. The group saddles up and heads off for the 50 mile. A group of bandits on the Lone Coast road stop you few miles from the walls, but they quickly realize you are no ordinary group of travelers and think better of messing with you.

You pass into town and a bum leads you down to the Fancy Reefclaw Inn & Brewery in the Lowcleft district in the shadow of the giant cliff and the gaint tower the Arvensoar that stands 400 feet into the air! It is the garrison of the city watch and the small military, and controls the connection between the shore and the summit.


You spend the next few days trying to find the whearabouts of Foxglove’s townhouse. You sell that painting and get the reward for the bandit. Fin heads to talk to his friend, Carve , Bulrog, and Walker end up at the Seven Serpent’s run and see non other than Thralad fighting a Minataur!. He chops the head off and throws it into the stands as the crowd goes wild!

Talking to Thralad, he relays a few things. He has been staying at the Gilded Cage, not to far from the Reefclaw, and replaced the old gladiator for the establishment (it is a high end gambling den and brothel) after he was beaten and later killed! some think for old gambling debts, but others not so much. Fin comes back and relays that there have been murders going on in magnimar and that they match the same sanhiedron rune mark on their chest!

Later that night, Bulrog and other watch a Hell night drag a halfing away only to be ambushed and killed, the Halfing being kidnapped.

Capitol District

The next day, you try a meeting with the Mayor in the Capital District and after a series of many different runaround but get a meeting with Lord Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras a very fat man, who it seems, his bookie was just kidnapped or murdered and well its time to be serious!


About this time, in walk a few justices, Lord Justice Bayl Argentine and Justice Ironbriar. from the Court of Justice to also talk to you about the murders, since you mention that they seem connected. They don’t really help (and I don’t really remember) but they say, “thanks!” and see you out the door.

Fin has another meeting with his friend and figures out where Foxglove’s Townhouse is.

You head on over to see what is there…

The Fight of the ghoul army...

After watching the defeat of Aldern by Ieasha’s Ghost, the protectors open the door leading to the next room….

Inside they discover a large cavern


That is full of ghouls! Seems that someone has been giving the mold to captured farmers from the hinterlands in order to make a ghoul army!


Bulrog jumps into the fray followed by Carvestor and Walker!

Bulrog is later paralyzed by the ghouls! and then Walker!

The little girl from the farmhouse appears then climbs along the walls and attacks Carve.!


In the distance the group sees an alter and who is in front of the alter but THRALAD!


Behind Thralad is a large pod of some sort…


Fin decides to Lightning strike a line of ghouls and Thralad…. it also hits the pod!


He is getting waylayed by Thralad. Walker finially becomes unparalyzed (but not Bulorg).


Another lightning strike hits the ghoul currently munching on Bulrog (and a few others) and Thralad AND the pod! it opens up and who should appear? but Nualia! she has turned into a Succubus!


Thralad is finally taken down, and is transformed into the monster that had looked like him. Bulrog is out on hits and so is the wolf as Nualia does evil channeling. A few hits by Carve, Walker, and Fin forces her hand and she flies out the door, but not before grabbing Walker’s helmet!

The group finishes off the rest of the ghouls heals up and tries to figure out how to stop the mold from growing…. they notice that one is in the shape of a figure… the mold doesn’t burn away very well (and gives off a toxic gas…)

They discover a note to Foxglove


and a note left behind by Nualia…


This note was found in a fire by the alter…

After again trying to figure out how to get rid of the mold that causes the Ghoul Fever, they decide to sneak out through the cave, how the murderer went out by the ocean, and upstream… Bulrog, notices scratching in the back of his throat, blurry vision, and suddenly it seems that human flesh smells pretty appetizing…



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